DUSTER – Together

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"...The scene, Together, is new slowcore: heavy, gritty, and more nuanced than its modest low-fidelity predecessors. In today’s musical landscape, recordings like those that first established the genre in the nineties— at the time resourcefully and innovatively capturing melancholy with slowed tempos and understated production techniques— are tired appropriation, and the three members of Duster are just too busy with their solo pursuits (Helvetia, Eiafuawn, Valium Aggelein, etc) to put energy to that. Only a pointed update to form is meaningful, which Duster achieves every time they emerge from hiatus with new material. While other founding groups in the slowcore movement ventured into ambient music, or disappeared, Duster has continued to reconstruct the genre from its gloomy blueprint in response to the scene of the day, creating fresh soundscapes that rest on time-tried foundations."

Cole Makuch and Dylan Kiefer, post-trash.com

New Directions 3:17
Retrograde 4:22
N 3:01
Time Glitch 3:52
Teeth 4:31
Escalator 4:00
Familiar Fields 5:12
Moonroam 1:27
Sleepyhead 2:58
Making Room 3:46
Drifter 3:55
Feel No Joy 3:57
Sad Boys 3:29