DRIVE LIKE JEHU – Drive Like Jehu

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"...If you can find this album, definitely check it out. It’s rawer than their sophomore and final release Yank Crime . To some, that could be a pro or a con. But the main problem I have with this album is it is quite rare. Not so much so as Moss Icon’s Lyburnum , but difficult enough to find that Amazon is probably your best bet. I was just lucky to stumble across it in a mom ‘n pop record store near my town. If you like noise rock, you’ll like this album. If you like erratic post-hardcore, you’ll like this album. If you’re not sure, listen to Caress or Atom Jack . If your opinions of either of those are high, definitely check it out."

-  thechodewarrior,

Caress 3:54
Spikes To You 2:17
Step On Chameleon 5:11
O Pencil Sharp 9:42
Atom Jack 2:23
If It Kills You 7:11
Good Luck In Jail 4:04
Turn It Off 6:11
Future Home Of Stucco Monstrosity 3:58