DR. KNOW – Killing For God

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"My memory’s shit, but wasn’t this originally released ten years ago under a different title, what the first song on this currently is: “Father Son and Holy Shit”? Am I just dis-remembering it? Did I have a bootleg and not know it? My bands-long-screwed-over-by-Mystic-Records-on-multiple-releases recollections aren’t the best. It’s straight-ahead, Nardcore-proud, holding hands with metal punk by a band that has a funny past. Its vocalist is an ex-child star (he helped the Incredible Hulk land a plane in one episode), ex-temporary Dead Kennedys singer, who’s now a Jak. The band has a song on SouthParkepisode, and is resurging again after a couple of hiatuses. Fits in easily with the reformed Circle One, and the record’s peppered with well-chosen covers of Motörhead, Flipper, and the Dayglos."

- Todd, Razorcake

Father, Son And Holy Shit
Tears Of Black
Truck With No Brakes
Champagne And Shit
Tied Around Our Necks
Die Hippie Die
Innocence Falls
Mother And Father
Program The Man
Neuter Your Leaders
Solitary Life
Used To Be An Angel
2012 (Instrumental)
America Eats Her Young
Mean Machine
Saints And Sinners