DOOM – World Of Shit

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"Initially released by Vinyl Japan in 2001, World Of Shit was their final studio set and it  remains brutally affecting. The battery acid-gargling vocals and blazingly brief, Electro Hippies-style rant Immobile Phoney aside,however, it’s also (cough)
strangely melodic, with corrosive, singalong choruses crowbarring their way into
Post-Death Regression and the ultra-nihilistic PieceO’ White Trash. Some unlikely light and shade is countenanced on the General Pinochet-trouncing Home In
A Box, before things go overthe top for the final Armageddon-embracing blast..."

- Tim Peacock,

Religious Disease
Immobile Phoney
6 Billion People, 1 Planet
In It For Cash
Can't Smell The Coffee
Piece 'O' White Trash
World Of Shit
Just Another Day
Fascist Institution
Post Death Regression
Home In A Box..