DOLLY MIXTURE – Demonstration Tapes

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"...Those two flops do not change my fervent belief that Dolly Mixture deserved better and still does. Information about the band on the web remains insultingly spotty—web lyrics are filled with glaring errors or nonexistent; a documentary that I really wanted to watch is generally unavailable, limited to special showings in faraway places; and the “official website” contains no information about the band’s history. I’m amazed that despite the obvious compositional talent they displayed on Demonstration Tapes, few artists have covered their music. There’s more than enough evidence on Demonstration Tapes to prove that Dolly Mixture was a very talented group that could have could have been the U.K.’s answer to the Go-Gos had they caught a few breaks."

A1 Dream Come True 1:32
A2 Ernie Ball 0:59
A3 He’s So Frisky 1:42
A4 The Didn't Song 2:14
A5 Will He Kiss Me Tonight 2:43
A6 Miss Candy Twist 2:21
A7 Shonay Shonay 3:22
B1 How Come You're Such A Hit With The Boys, Jane? 2:52
B2 Side Street Walker 3:11
B3 Treasure Hunt 2:48
B4 Never Let It Go 3:13
B5 Angel Treads 3:06
B6 Welcome To The Perfect Day 2:28
B7 Step Close Now 1:57
C1 Stareaway 2:27
C2 In Your Eyes 3:09
C3 Understanding 3:10
C4 Never Mind Sundays 2:14
C5 Spend Your Wishes 3:31
C6 Day By Day 3:30
C7 Wave Away 3:14
D1 Sorry To Leave You 2:58
D2 Winter Seems Fine 2:36
D3 Grass Is Greener 2:56
D4 Round The Corner 2:38
D5 Remember This 3:04
D6 Whistling In The Dark 2:30