DOJA CAT – Hot Pink

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"Doja Cat can’t be boxed in. A little over a year after her kooky viral hit “Mooo!,” the 24-year-old rapper-singer and songwriter is still full of personality and endless wordplay. On Hot Pink, her second album and her first full-length since achieving viral fame, Doja cements her voice as the most crucial part of her sound. Depending on the track, her tone can be ultra-soft and chill or peppy, almost frantic as she fires off verses. But it’s her sarcasm and cheek that cut a more dynamic figure in pop music. “PLEASE DO NOT BUY MY ALBUM IF YOU BUY MY ALBUM I WILL PEE IN YOUR LAP,” she wrote alongside a video of her dancing to celebrate the release. She’s in her bag, giving us her kinky, soulful, pop queen, and not-to-be-fucked with sides all at once.

Hot Pink runs the gamut of a sound that’s still taking shape. Doja’s equally capable as a rapper and a singer, but it’s her understanding of melody that makes the project flow..."

- Lakin Starling, Pitchfork

Cyber Sex 2:46
Won't Bite 3:15
Rules 3:07
Bottom Bitch 3:18
Say So 3:58
Like That 2:43
Talk Dirty 4:01
Addiction 3:28
Streets 3:47
Shine 2:40
Better Than Me 3:22
Juicy 3:23