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"...Those Deep Buds, the band’s final studio statement to date, is its masterpiece, an unbelievably powerful and resilient record with some of the best lyrics to ever appear on a rock album. (The best lyric belongs to writer Angela Carter, who unintentionally provided a staggering sentence for “Virginia Fur.”) The band members are nearly telepathically attuned, and you can tell how delighted they are to be playing so well. “Lie and Swell” and “Volkswagen” are just about giddy...."

- Trouser Press

Blessed Are The Follies 5:31
Volkswagen 5:35
Keep Your Laws / Off My Body 5:19
Lie And Swell 2:59
H Tribe 4:56
Human Spark 4:47
Les Femmes Et Les Filles Vont Danser 4:51
Virginia Fur 5:58
Calley 4:11
Dream Forever 3:22