VARIOUS - Distort The Bay - 2023 Bay Area Hardcore Compilation

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23 band comp.  this album seriously rules!!!!

Featuring 23 Bay Area hardcore punk bands currently killing it. 

False Flag, Urban Sprawl, Planet On A Chain, Cell Rot, Surprise Privilege, LUV, Greyhound, Aninoko, Gosh, Repo Man, Irritant, Wharf, Doc and the Parasites, XUI, Ansible, The Vaxxines, Western Addiction, AK/47, Tess & The Details, Tension Span, Violent Coercion, Simulation, George Crustanza

Each LP contains a 40 page photozine w/ band details + photos by Rob Coons First press 500 on black vinyl.
A1 False Flag
One Man War
A2 Cell Rot Pigs
A3 Simulation Disarray
A5 George Crustanza Vapes on a Plane
A6 Surprise Privilege
I'm Going to Shoot You in the Head with a Gun
A7 Irritant Zar je promjena kraj?
A8 Xui Who
A9 Wharf
A10 Doc and the Parasites
Something's Wrong
A11 Tension Span Problem People
A12 Aninoko Anino Ni Al Robles
B1 Urban Sprawl
B2 Planet on a Chain Nothing Left
B3 Repoman No Peace in My Mind
B4 Greyhound
I'm Not Going to Make It at This Rate
B5 Western Addiction
B6 AK/47 Petir Tak Bisa Direncanakan
B7 Tess & the Details Broken Fingers
B8 The Vaxxines ACAB
B9 Violent Coercion Teenage Depression
B10 Ansible Third Person Memory
B11 Gosh Resistance