DISTILLERS, THE – Sing Sing Death House

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"The Distillers' Sing Sing Death House is one of the few albums in the mainstream eye that truly deserves to be referenced as "punk-rock". It is nasty and contemptuous, provocative and empowering and flies by at a breakneck pace. Unlike most modern-day fare that attempts to disguise itself under the tattered blanket of punk-rock, the members of The Distillers, vocalist/guitarist Brody Armstrong, drummer Andy Outbreak, bassist Ryan and former guitarist Rose/Casper, are living the life and are steeped in its spirit. Far too often these days artists that, though they may have been spurred by the form's power in their formative years, have done a great disservice to the name of punk-rock. Through ironing out all of the genre's beautiful wrinkles and cleansing it free of any bothersome stains, they have helped dilute the power of the very music that vitalized and impassioned them in their nascent existences. Thankfully, there is still a thriving underground scene and one where the best of the best is represented by the always credible, Los Angeles-based Epitaph Records (its founder/owner, Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion, serves as one of this album's mixers and engineers) and the album's label, Epitaph offshoot, Hellcat Records."

- Bhickman, punknews.org

Sick Of It All 3:10
I Am A Revenant 3:28
Seneca Falls 3:01
The Young Crazed Peeling 3:16
Sing Sing Death House 1:43
Bullet & The Bullseye 1:12
City Of Angels 3:29
Young Girl 2:42
Hate Me 1:10
Desperate 1:22
I Understand 1:47
Lordy Lordy 2:19