DISCHARGE – Early Demos March / June 1977

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"Like so many other British punk bands, DISCHARGE was founded in 1977, which is given the fact that they only had their breakthrough in the early eighties and were a defining band in the genre that was previously referred to as anarcho- and crustpunk and later increasingly as D-beat , almost surprised.

And as you can hear from these demo recordings from the spring of 1977, nothing of the later trademark sound could be heard at the time - the epochal debut album “Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing” wasn’t released until 1982.

The then singer Ivan Rivera tried his hand at being a Johnny Rotten impersonator several times, and musically it also sounds more like ponderous SEX PISTOLS than like metallic, sharp hardcore, and so this compilation of recordings in reasonably good quality is definitely a case for punk rock historians and over -Fans of the band, less for people who are looking for typical DISCHARGE sound."
- staff reviewer, oxfanzine.de
A1 I Don't Care
A2 Sweet Suburban Dreams
A3 Living In The City
A4 Acne
A5 I Love Dead Babies
A6 Pigs
B1 Under My Feet
B2 No Time For Romance
B3 There's No Future U.S.A.
B4 Acne (Alternate Version)
B5 Pigs (Alternate Version)
B6 Do Or Die
B7 Pause