DESOLATE SHRINE – Fires Of The Dying World

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"...For the uninitiated, Desolate Shrine play a cacophonous compound of death metal. Blackened ink and a doomed proof of concept author their soundscapes, yet the finished article remains ultimately death-bound. Although esoteric in nature, I’ve always enjoyed the band’s deft capacity to layer their work with subtle, yet grievous hooks. Deliverance From the Godless Void possessed a vast ebb and flow, which substantially influenced frontman, LL’s, funeral-adjacent Convocation. Fires of the Dying World doesn’t so much as veer off the beaten track, but rather changes tact. Instead of a one-way ticket to perdition, these songs offer an excavation of your soul, one blunt fracture at a time...


Intro 1:22
Echoes In The Halls Of Vanity 5:06
The Dying World 6:32
The Silent God 10:16
Cast To Walk The Star Of Sorrow 6:42
My Undivided Blood 8:41
The Furnace Of Hope 7:48