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"Oakland's Deseos Primitivos play a style of mid-paced early hardcore punk with a definite debt to Posh Boy Records, as well as bands like the Rezillos...early Agent Orange and a subtle sense of melody that recalls the Avengers... If you dig the style of early L.A. hardcore and punk I cannot recommend this enough."
-Hidden Wheel

"One of my favorite things about Spanish punk in the '80s is how it stayed melodic and P-U-N-K while the rest of the global scene was going into thrash overdrive. Bands from the Iberian Peninsula seemed to take the intensity of thrashing hardcore and channel it through a more pogo friendly filter—Deseos Primitivos certainly follows in this tradition. I know its lazy to be all like “Hey band sings in Spanish, compare them to old Spanish punk” but seriously—this band would sound right at home on the Punk Qué? Punk compilation or on a mix tape wedged between VulpeSS or Espasmódicos."
-No Echo