DEICIDE – The Stench Of Redemption

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"...If Scars Of The Crucifix was the rejuvenation of Deicide, then The Stench Of Redemption is surely its conquering strike. A typically blasphemous album full of Benton’s disdain for Christianity at every turn, at last, the level of musicality seems to have reached the point the band should have been at years ago. Not only has the Asheim/Owen/Santolla songwriting combination advanced Deicide’s sound, but Benton makes enough of a confident statement with his own bellicose performance to help make this one of the most tenacious albums of 2006, and their best album since Once Upon The Cross. Not only did they step up to the plate, they bashed ya’ in the head with the bat on the way there. A flat-out barnstormer."

- Jim Brandon,

The Stench Of Redemption 4:09
Death To Jesus 3:53
Desecration 4:31
Crucified For The Innocence 4:35
Walk With The Devil In Dreams You Behold 4:58
Homage For Satan 3:59
Not Of This Earth 3:19
Never To Be Seen Again 3:24
The Lord's Sedition 5:47