DEE DEE KING – Standing In The Spotlight

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"I’m not the man qualified to talk about the degree to which the Ramones both defined punk music and destroyed all the conventions of the music industry that came before. Punk opened up a whole new audience of young, disaffected and alienated youth to their voice at almost the exact same time hip-hop music was doing the exact same thing. Pundits, critics and plebs alike have pondered those similarities, noted the moments when those genres collaborated or crossed over, and bemoaned the fact that both were commercialized and marketed to the masses in a way that defiled the rebellious spirit they represented.

The tragic nature of Dee Dee Ramone’s “Standing in the Spotlight” should therefore hopefully not be lost on anyone, even a punk music neophyte like me, as the man born Douglas Glenn Colvin rechristened himself “Dee Dee King” and suddenly declared himself “the king of hip-hop”. In one of the worst examples of rapping I can think of from a competent musician, King’s “Mashed Potato Time” attempted to copy the success of the Fat Boys x Beach Boys on “Wipeout” two years earlier, but while the latter was a whimsical homage to surf rock, the former is a horrid homage to doo wop that disgraces punk, rap and rock in one fell swoop..."

- Steve 'Flash' Juon,

Mashed Potato Time 3:15
2 Much 2 Drink 3:32
Baby Doll 4:41
Poor Little Rich Girl 2:31
Commotion In The Ocean 3:23
German Kid 4:05
Brooklyn Babe 3:27
Emergency 3:23
The Crusher 3:29
I Want What I Want When I Want It 2:21