DEATH WORSHIP – Extermination Mass

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"...War metal this brutal doesn’t come often, and collaborations between members of legendary band Blasphemy and Revenge are undisputed for music more than hype or notoriety. And while there is certainly a lot of buzz surrounding this EP, Death Worship presents half of Conqueror’s creative genius, Deathlord of Abomination and War Apocalypse writing all the songs. Joined by Revenge visionary J. Read on drums and Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds, this trio is set to rewrite the war metal template.

Some lesser bands blast end-to-end, and don’t feature hooks. Death Worship does, and they needn’t slow down extensively to rest from the improbable blast sections. Their EP, Extermination Mass, is destruction set to music.

These guys have a long, storied tradition to uphold, and on Extermination Mass, they hold the banner high for extreme metal of the most extreme to ever be played. J. Read doesn’t just snare and bass hit blast for the whole EP. He crushes the kit, and Deathlord of Abomination tears through the steel strings. The vocals from Nocturnal Desecrator are spot on, and there’s not a riff on this album worth trimming. The music is fast, caustic, abrasive and violent, but unlike warlords the world over, inspired by the work these guys in Death Worship pioneered, the hooks are here, and the band occasionally delves into catchy riffery to pay tribute to war metal’s roots..."

- Al Necro, CVLT Nation

A1 Abomination Storm
A2 Evocation Chamber
A3 Holocaust Altar
B1 Superion Rising
B2 Desolation Summoning
B3 The Chaos Trance