DEATH – Scream Bloody Gore

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"Scream Bloody Gore is an essential album in the collection of every death metal fan worth their salt but for those missing out, or discovering the genre for the first time, here is the low-down:

Scream Bloody Gore is 10 tracks of pure raw sonic battery that spews utterly disgusting entrail-laden songs straight from a catalogue of B-movie video nasty shockers. From opening number “Infernal Death” through “Zombie Ritual”, “Sacrificial”, “Regurgitated Guts” and the title track, Scream Bloody Gore is a horrific aural assault of pounding drums, ear-splitting guitars and throat-shredding screams. The songs are all pretty simple (especially in comparison to Death’s later, more progressive outputs) but insanely catchy so that once experienced, they aren’t easily forgotten. The sound in general is pretty raw and primitive with a more biting distorted guitar sound and generous reverbs and delays. The 2016 remaster takes the sound of Scream Bloody Gore and gives it a greater sense of clarity with less mush. The ambience is still there, the bass still booms, the drums still pound, the guitars are still cutting and the vocals still shred,  but all of these elements stand out a lot clearer individually yet still blend to create that unforgettable vicious early death metal sound."     - The Moshville Times

A1 Infernal Death 2:48
A2 Zombie Ritual 4:32
A3 Denial Of Life 3:32
A4 Sacrificial 3:40
A5 Mutilation 3:26
B1 Regurgitated Guts 3:41
B2 Baptized In Blood 4:25
B3 Torn To Pieces 3:32
B4 Evil Dead 2:59
B5 Scream Bloody Gore 4:29