DEATH – Leprosy

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"...Leprosy’s identity is one infinitely mimicked, rarely matched, and never bettered. The record’s legion of imitators mostly fail by too closely following the album’s legend and what it has come to represent: the ultimate death metal anachronism, belligerent yet uniform. Such is the skewing effect of time, Leprosy was actually crafted upon the principle of more; more violence, more vitriol, more virtuosity. Wreathed in the viscera of debut Scream Bloody Gore, Schuldiner’s initial pound of flesh simply wasn’t enough to sate his charnel appetites. As such, Leprosy took the spattered blueprint of its predecessor and reinforced it with the enhanced sense of musicality Schuldiner fostered throughout his tragically truncated career...."


Leprosy 6:19
Born Dead 3:25
Forgotten Past 4:33
Left To Die 4:35
Pull The Plug 4:25
Open Casket 4:53
Primitive Ways 4:20
Choke On It 5:54