DEATH GRIPS – No Love Deep Web

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"Loud and punishing, the sonics of NO LOVE DEEP WEB suit MC Ride's mix of hysteria, rage and exhaustion. Perhaps Epic has concerns about Death Grips' ability to make a marketable record; as Death Grips are arguably the most challenging act on a major label right now (or last week, at least), that much is founded. But their ability to integrate every part into cohesive tracks-- in other words, to marry their sound to their fury-- is rare. After a string of shows in the spring, Death Grips canceled all subsequent dates to finish NO LOVE DEEP WEB. That's a questionable career move, but the effort and attention show here at every turn."

- Grayson Haver Currin, Pitchfork

A1 Come Up And Get Me 4:12
A2 Lil Boy 3:46
A3 No Love 5:03
A4 Black Dice 3:26
A5 World Of Dogs 2:42
A6 Lock Your Doors 3:52
B7 Whammy 3:09
B8 Hunger Games 2:39
B9 Deep Web 2:18
B10 Stockton 3:17
B11 Pop 2:53
B12 Bass Rattle Stars Out The Sky 2:27
B13 Artificial Death In The West 5:58