DEAD HEAT – Endless Torment

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"Oxnard crossover thrashers Dead Heat took a marked step up with the release of their 2021 LP World at War. Building on the firm foundations laid across the various bits and pieces they’d released before it – most notably their 2019 debut full-length Certain Death – the Californians polished up the production and dialled up the metal for album number two, whilst crucially keeping their hardcore roots clearly in sight. Their new EP Endless Torment follows a similar path, arguably going “metaller” still and in turn producing a super sharp 18-minute effort that’s right up there with the best thrashings of the year as delivered by the likes of Pest Control, Transgressive, Enforced, and even Drain to an extent.
Even with relatively little time to waste, the band take a second to set the scene with an ominous intro to the opening title track; it’s not a long one though and really just enough to allow the listener to strap themselves in before Dead Heat get to their typically raging business. Tight riffing, harmonised guitars, sudden tempo shifts, and a huge groove that comes in towards the end – none of this should come as much of a surprise provided this isn’t the first crossover thrash record you’ve ever heard, but it is all executed with a proficiency and urgency reserved for the very best."

 - Ellis,

Endless Torment 4:06
Smite Thee 2:41
Eyes Of The Real 3:06
Tears Of The Wolf 4:11
Hard Reset 4:02