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"The success of thrash metal in 1986 prompted a lot of punk bands to cross over into heavy metal. However, no band did it better that year than Canada’s Dayglo Abortions. What was once known as hardcore punk won over many metalheads, like me, who were getting heavily into thrash.

One song which highlights the successful crossover is “Argh, Fuck Kill.” What I love here is the fact that they took all the stereotypes people had about punk and thrash and made a song out of it. The main lyrics of the song simply go, “Blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah” until the shouting of the title in the chorus. It has been said that those three words are the most common in punk songs. Therefore the Dayglo Abortions take those stereotypes and make fun of them in a cool hardcore way."


A1 Stupid Songs
A2 Argh Fuck Kill
A3 Die Sinner Die
A4 Bedtime Story
A5 My Girl
A6 Dogfarts
A7 Inside My Head
A8 Wake Up America
A9 Proud To Be Canadian
A10 Stupid World
A11 Ronald McRaygun
B1 Kill The Hosers
B2 Religious Bumfucks
B3 1967
B4 I Killed Mommy
B5 I'm My Own God
B6 Used To Be In Love
B7 Suicide
B8 The Idiot
B9 Germ Attack
B10 Scared Of People
B11 Black Sabbath