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Darkthrone began life in the late 80s, experimenting with thrash, death & doom metal before eventually delving into the black metal genre & becoming synonymous with the style as one of the most highly regarded acts.

Goatlord was the title of what was to originally be Darkthrone’s second album. The style followed very much in the vein of debut, Soulside Journey, with a mid-paced melodic, yet technical, death metal style. After the full completion of the tracks, however, Darkthrone’s focus shifted towards black metal and a more primitive style of composition & so the album was shelved, while work commenced on what was to be the Norwegian black metal milestone, A Blaze in the Northern Sky, which incorporated some parts from the Goatlord tracks.

Rex 3:48
Pure Demoniac Blessing 2:35
(The) Grimness Of Which Shepherds Mourn 4:23
Sadomasochistic Rites 4:03
As Desertshadows 4:42
In His Lovely Kingdom 3:24
Black Daimon 3:50
Toward(s) The Thornfields 3:36
(Birth Of Evil) Virgin Sin 3:25
Green Cave Float 4:01