DARKTHRONE – Astral Fortress

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"Yes, Darkthrone’s Astral Fortress is truly a “Gift of Gods.” This record will give you the feeling of meeting a deity. It drops today, so get ready to embark on this “epic old metal journey.” If you count Goatlord (1996), Astral Fortress is Darkthrone’s 20th studio album. As Darkthrone said back in 2006, they are “second to none… Nothing to prove. Just a [couple of] hellish rock n’ roll freak[s].” Astral Fortress demonstrates that this statement still holds true.

Darkthrone has been building the excitement surrounding Astral Fortress since their first teaser on August 3 – just over a month before the album’s name and release date were revealed on September 7. The band’s previous chapter, Eternal Hails…, blew us away in June 2021. And like that album, Astral Fortress was recorded at Oslo’s Chaka Khan Studios on the recommendation of Nekromantheon.

Astral Fortress is a powerful testament to Darkthrone’s intentions over the years, even if the duo believes in turning against the rules they once valued in favor of freedom and authenticity. Darkthrone’s continued rebellion against a more clinical and professional sound is the reason they have achieved something so charismatic with Astral Fortress. The album’s sounds is cold, organic, and pleasantly shabby..."

- Bree Halmstad, metalsucks.net

Caravan Of Broken Ghosts 7:53
Impeccable Caverns Of Satan 5:34
Stalagmite Necklace 5:22
The Sea Beneath The Seas Of The Sea 10:10
Kevorkian Times 4:27
Kolbotn, West Of The Vast Forests 1:54
Eon 2 4:40