DARK FUNERAL – We Are The Apocalypse

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"I'm just going to come out and say this because it keeps continuously going through my mind as I listen to this new record over and over again… We Are the Apocalypse is Dark Funeral's best record. Now, that's a particularly bold statement given this band's vast history as Swedish black metal pioneers, but I can't help but throw the gauntlet down here. It really is that good and I find myself going to it over and over again, even when I have a wealth of great new music available to listen it..."

 - Jeff Podoshen, metalinjection.net

Nightfall 5:13
Let The Devil In 4:40
When Our Vengeance Is Done 4:20
Nosferatu 4:41
When I'm Gone 5:46
Beyond The Grave 5:08
A Beast To Praise 4:49
Leviathan 4:34
We Are The Apocalypse 4:33