DARE – Against All Odds

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:You want to talk about a record that truly, fully, absolutely embodies its title? Look no further. Between signing to Revelation, the insanely awesome ’80s skate/graffiti culture-inspired cover artwork and O.G. “keeper of the faith”/Terror frontman Scott Vogel’s declaration that DARE is his “favorite band in hardcore right now,” expectations will no doubt be running extremely high for the Orange County quartet’s full-length debut. And I’m here to tell you, against all odds, this mix of old-school snarl, new-school groove (bassist Aaron McQueen is a Sergio Vega-level superstar), ultra-tight Sacred Reich-y thrash, classic-era Helmet cascades, the punk catchiness of that amazing second Kid Dynamite jam, Prong Cleansing levels of precision and tortured vokills straight outta the Mieszko Talarczyk school not only subjects every jaded sigh to death by a thousand razor-sharp riffs, but also runs circle pits around virtually all of the band’s better-established peers..."

 - Shawn Macomber, Decibel Magazine

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