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"...Overall, any Guided By Voices fan will enjoy this album. It once again highlights that Robert Pollard is never out of ideas and Club Scout Bowling Pins thrives on his love and understanding of classic rock. Many of these arrangements, melodies and hooks could have easily been from a different era but with the talented musicianship that is GBV, every tune still has a modern indie flare to it that keeps this one fresh around every corner. I hope they give this identity at least one more album because it really could be a classic!"

- Thomas Wilde,

A1 Magic Taxi 2:07
A2 Flip Flop World 1:27
A3 Casino Hair Wife 1:28
A4 Ride My Earthmobile 2:24
A5 Schoolmaster Bones 2:20
A6 Eggs, Mother? 1:34
A7 Strange Walk Home 1:40
A8 Nova Mona 3:07
A9 The Telegraph Hill Gazette 2:20
A10 Everybody Love A Baboon 0:50
B1 © 1-2-3 2:17
B2 Sister Slam Dance 2:47
B3 It's Marbles! 1:37
B4 Space Invader 2:29
B5 Human Car 1:33
B6 Competitor 1:41
B7 She Cannot Know 2:08
B8 We 2:19
B9 Roll Up Your Nose 2:28
B10 What Crawls Also Flies Over 2:01