CRO-MAGS – The Age Of Quarrel

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"I like a lot of oldschool hardcore punk, back when it was about being fast, not giving a fuck good, guitar playing NOT fashions, breakdowns, and blastbeats. The one thing about most New York hardcore bands of the old days is that they all sound the fucking same (I.E. Sick Of It All, Madball, Agnostic Front) but these guys brought some originality to the table with this masterpiece.

Their social-political views are right to the point backed up with some damn good guitar playing and a lot of intensity. Pissed off bands with a point to express always have good music and this is one of those bands. This is the album that is a soundtrack to a massive riot or fist fight. The rage and fury on this album are so intense its amazing they actually could capture it on an album..."

- gone_homicide,

We Gotta Know 3:13
World Peace 2:08
Show You No Mercy 1:52
Malfunction 3:32
Street Justice 1:28
Survival Of The Streets 0:59
Seekers Of The Truth 3:53
It's The Limit 1:34
Hard Times 1:33
By Myself 2:25
Don't Tread On Me 1:14
Face The Facts 1:36
Do Unto Others 1:42
Life Of My Own 2:46
Signs Of The Times 1:56