CONVERGE – You Fail Me

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"...You Fail Me, like all of Converge’s records, is a distinctive piece of music that occupies its own unique space within the band’s overall body of work. Where Jane Doe is their most emotionally piercing, No Heroes their most direct and most recent addition The Dusk In Us their most hopeful, You Fail Me is their darkest and most harshly experimental. That’s probably saying a lot in light of Jane Doe‘s breakthrough, the poetic, wrenching document of a breakup one of extreme music’s most stunning moments of vulnerability. It was also intended to break away from what hardcore audiences expected. “I remember all of us wanting to write a hardcore record the kids were going to hate,” said bassist Nate Newton in an interview with the AV Club. I can only imagine what they thought of what came next..."

- Jeff Terich,

First Light 1:02
Last Light 3:34
Black Cloud 2:19
Drop Out 2:32
Hope Street 1:07
Heartless 2:28
You Fail Me 5:37
In Her Shadow 6:26
Eagles Become Vultures 2:10
Death King 2:08
In Her Blood 4:07
Hanging Moon 2:04