CIRCLE JERKS – Oddities, Abnormalities & Curiosities

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"Though they are contemporaries of both Bad Religion (with whom they share guitarist Greg Hetson) and Black Flag, the major label debut by these L.A. punk veterans is refreshingly reckless compared to the cultivated Angst of Bad Religion’s recent work. And it’s downright fun next to the stark severity of Henry Rollins’ post-Black Flag career.

Vocalist Keith Morris rants with haphazard vehemence while the remaining Jerks brashly bash their way through these 12 choppy tunes. The band’s crude indignation toward modern society is reminiscent of the Sex Pistols’ attitude--especially in the coarsely catchy “Grey Life.”

A fervent rendition of the Soft Boys’ “I Wanna Destroy You” features backing vocals by L7’s Suzi Gardner and, strangely enough, former teen star Debbie Gibson. These oddities, abnormalities and curiosities aren’t terribly innovative but do capture the spirit and drive of punk rock--old and new."

- Sandy Masuo, Los Angeles Times

Teenage Electric 2:44
Anxious Boy 2:06
22 2:43
Shining Through The Door 3:02
I Wanna Destroy You 3:06
Sinking Ship 3:46
Brick 2:14
Fable 3:38
Dog 2:53
Grey Life 2:44
Exhaust Breath 3:00
Career Day 2:23