CINDY - Self Titled LP

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"It's that name again... Cindy have been (amongst a few others) the Hot New Discovery of this year, their Free Advice LP doing for the current San Francisco scene what the Big Supermarket record did for Melbourne a year or two back—i.e. a totemic outta-nowhere DIY statement of rare vision. Turns out, though, it's not quite without precedent, since there's actually a self-released debut record from 2018, which we've been lucky enough to acquire a handful of. These ten tracks display the ruminative formation of the minimal indiepop sound perfected on Free Advice, skeletons of the same ideas with a little less flesh on dem bones, nonetheless struck with a naive wonder, like you're afforded the opportunity to hear the band stumbling upon their own charms in real time. And that is 100% the appropriate word here - charm, a quality perfectly captured in that front cover, too. I can't overstate how endearing i find this music, so independent is it of outside influence and free of self-consciousness. Is this the birth of the new Paisley Underground? Or maybe something better..." (World of Echo)