CHOKE - It’s Hard To Talk Shit…

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(CHOKE is an Oakland-based duo that leaves no Nazi jaw unsmashed in their pursuit of punching the fash and pissing off their sympathisers. This is not their first release, but has shaped up to be among the best powerviolence records of 2020!  Throughout the 12 minutes of this record you’ll hear heaps of stomping breakdowns, ruthless blasts of grinding rage and jackhammer California-style powerviolence in its most classic state. If you expect some over the top macho, tough-guy display of power, in addition to the use and abuse of various skits scattered throughout the entire record, you won’t be wrong either. All this is entirely intentional, though. Imagine a mosh-fueled, testosterone-filled version of the HIRS—sharing the hatred for cops, racists and authority of all kind - and you’ll love this record immediately. 1 SIDED LP. 

Talk Shit, Get Hit
Social Justice Witch Hunter
Nationalism = Terrorism
Blue Lives Don't Mean Shit
Extinction Agenda
Bystander Defect
Class War
No Tolerance For Ignorance
You Failed, Now Die
I Am The Reason Why
Why Should I Fear Death When I'm Already Dead Inside?
Repeat Offender
Step To You
Fascist Smasher