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"Children Maybe Later is a new trio from San Francisco/Oakland that consists of Britta, Stanley (also in Rays, The World and many other bands) and Staizsh (of Almond Joy, Opals). Their debut album What a Flash Kick! came out last month via Sloth Mate Productions and is an instant classic of lightly psychedelic pop with a penchant for Television Personalities. It’s full of references to pop culture and artists like Jane Birkin, Brian Jones, Syd Barett, The Creation etc."


A1 West MacArthur 2:40
A2 My Favorite Painter 2:54
A3 Jane Birkin's Basket 4:32
A4 27 Club 3:10
A5 The Dilley Sisters 2:39
A6 Wouldn't You Be Glad 3:44
B1 Children Maybe Later Theme 0:51
B2 Paddington 3:07
B3 Bob Dylan's Birthday 2:24
B4 Frédérique 4:02
B5 IMDb 3:08
B6 Day In Muswell 2:33
B7 Carousel 2:25