CHAT PILE – Tenkiller Motion Picture Soundtrack

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"...The production here is more echoic of the band’s first two EPs, which were a tad more homespun. The guitars are a little fuzzier,  and the percussion in particular relies heavily on ambient noises like scraping, tapping, and sometimes electric drilling, a la Hostel. 

There is ample noise rock filler here too, and if God’s Country has already soundtracked your life in the second half of 2022, like it seemingly has for so many, you might as well throw a song like “Tenkiller” in the rotation, because it is by no means mid. 

Perhaps what is most exciting about this endeavor is what it might say about the band’s future, through the foreshadowed new directions. There are nods to industrial and ambient music on “Bleeding Out,” shades of emotive post-rock on “Kids” and “Beck’s Theme,” straight up death metal on “Punishment Box” and even subtle hyper-pop influence on “TAH”. The real winner on the album is the single “Lake Time (Mr Rodan),” which utterly begs an alt-country foray. It’s a genre they embody with complete ease. 

Any of these sounds would be welcome additions on a new record, given Chat Pile’s established command of the noise rock and sludge metal vernacular. On the making of the score the band said they were given the freedom to experiment. Most of the experiments here go over very well; hopefully it’s a spirit they carry with them into new projects."  

- Will Floyd,

A2 Badman
A3 Dad’s Drunk
A4 The Fabulous Shitheads
A6 The Return Of Badman
A7 Lake Time (Mr. Rodan)
A8 Kids
B1 Badman 3: Die Badman Die
B2 B4dm4n
B3 Punishment Box
B4 Beck’s Theme
B6 Badman V: A New Beginning
B7 Bleeding Out
B8 Tenkiller