CELTIC FROST – Morbid Tales

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"1984 is an exciting year to listen to Celtic Frost. At this point, Hellhammer is still fresh in the minds of the musicians. In fact, the only official Hellhamer EP comes out this same year. So, while the music here is already streamlined as opposed to the jigsaw method of Hellhammer, chaotic energy still suffuses the way the instruments are played. These early Celtic Frost riffs are also still reminiscent of the savagery of the youthful enterprise and which will weaken quickly album by album.

The title track ‘Morbid Tales’ gives off an odor you could immediately identify as coming from an older and already putrefying body. The obvious heavy chromaticism and danceable rhythms that sometimes come through in this track will be traded away by the marching rhythms of Celtic Frost that move only in one direction as we hear on ‘Procreation (of the Wicked)’.

In many ways, Morbid Tales is as exciting as Celtic Frost will ever get. Here is where the band comes up with its characteristic style and sound, and everything after is but variations and embellishments on the same thing. Here is also where they play songs that will later figure in To Mega Therion with a hellish zest that is missing from future interpretations..."  

- DARG, hessianfirm.com

A1 Human (Intro)
A2 Into The Crypts Of Rays
A3 Visions Of Mortality
A4 Dethroned Emperor
A5 Morbid Tales
B1 Procreation (Of The Wicked)
B2 Return To The Eve
B3 Danse Macabre
B4 Nocturnal Fear
Bonus Rehearsals
C1 Morbid Tales (Autumn 1984)
C2 Messiah (Summer 1984)
D1 Procreation (Of The Wicked) (Autumn 1984)
D2 Nocturnal Fear (Autumn 1984)