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"With "Karma.Bloody.Karma", the vegetarian quartet stretches things a bit further, adding even more experimentation. A dark Billy Anderson production, Josh Elmore's amazing guitar acrobatics, and Travis Ryan's incorporation of black metal shrieks to go with his unique growl, and the controlled chaos of the compositions make "Karma.Bloody.Karma" stand out from the pack of standard death metal and grindcore releases.

Together with explosions of calamitous grind and punishing death metal, CATTLE DECAPITATION twists and turns its way through 12 tracks of structured technical lunacy, as Ryan rages against humanity's continuing degradation of the earth and its peoples. But it keeps coming back to Elmore's guitar work. His style is extraordinarily technical, yet it is far from pointless wankery. Melodic flourishes are met with spiraling solos and sweeps, always ensuring that the core riffs never derail the basic song structures. Together with drummer Michael Laughlin's spastic approach and Troy Oftedal's equally free flowing bass, the initial spin of the disc is overwhelming in its intensity, requiring one to take a break and dive back in to discover new layers with every play."


Unintelligent Design
Success Is... (Hanging By The Neck)
One Thousand Times Decapitation
The Carcass Derrick
Total Gore?
Supsended In Coprolite
Alone At The Landfill
The New Dawn
Of Human Pride & Flatulence