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Cattle Decapitation, the US vegetarian based deathgrind act has been producing their brand of animal over man metal for nearly twenty years. They play a furiously paced style of death metal that blends a multitude of grindcore elements into its DNA. Although I had heard a number of their songs via sampler CDs and through various mediums, my first true experience with the band would occur with their 2004 release “Humanure”. Just one look at the album cover will tell you what you are in for. The music here is brutal, intense and contains enough break neck speed to cause whiplash.

...“Humanure” is a fine display of deathgrind with a level of technique that both accentuates the horrific atmosphere of the album, while also being a testament to what sound songwriting can bring to the table. In a genre that otherwise, has numerous of bands whose sound tend to get lost in the shuffle, Cattle Decapitation’s “Humanure” distances itself from the rest of the pack. The incorporation of all the instruments and vocals (as well as solid production) create a harmonious effect that give this album its own distinction and identity. This may not be a perfect album, but it has a lot of replay value and if it is any indication of what the future holds for the band, things should be looking bright moving forward."

- Stained Glass Assassin,


Scatology Domine (Intro) 1:02
Humanure 3:06
Reduced To Paste 4:14
Bukkake Tsunami 4:33
Cloacula: The Anthropophagic Copromantik 3:05
Chummified 3:44
Applied Human Defragmentation 5:19
The Earthling 3:27
Polyps 4:25
Lips And Assholes 4:57
Men Before Swine (Outro) 9:40