CATHOLIC DISCIPLINE – Underground Babylon

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 "CATHOLIC DISCIPLINE started rehearsing around the end of August 1979. Forming the band was chiefly an idea between Claude Bessy, who was editor/writer extraordinaire of Slash Magazine, and Craig Lee, who was in the BAGS at the time and also a music writer. Claude wanted to be in a band, but could not play anything. Craig stepped in and offered to help Claude put the band together. The original idea behind the forming of the band was for members to use it as a vehicle from which to play an instrument that they were not accustomed to (Craig played bass for the BAGS, Robert played guitar in the ZEROS, etc…) and as a vehicle for Claude's writing…putting his poems into song. The band was also meant to be a vehicle for experimentation as the members had all been in early punk bands and wanted to try out newer post-punk type music and sounds."      - Artfix Records

Barbee Doll Lust 3:14
Everyone Dies Laughing 2:48
Hypocrite 1:35
Culture Sluts 2:33
Underground Babylon 3:30
European Son 3:19
Take It Away 2:29
Whip Them Lord! 2:26
Fast Rhythm 1:25
In A Dungeon 2:44
Everyone Dies Laughing 3:08
Whip Them Lord! 2:15
Soul Testing 3:03
Shooting Up With Mother 3:49
I'm Choking 3:15
Yes, We Do... (Partial) 1:23
Tripmaker 2:16
Take It Away 3:07
Pablo Picasso 3:40
Dejame Solo 4:08
No Soy Hemingway 1:04