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Crystal clear vinyl

"...This is an album that keeps a constant theme throughout it's 43 minute run-time. and that's the terror and lawlessness of the post-nuclear world. Brutal and bludgeoning tales of warriors and crimes of the radioactive world. The song structures match, as well as the lyrical content which really asserts the post-apocalyptic atmosphere. It essentially sounds like Black Flag mixed with Black Sabbath, best exemplified in the song Predator the perfect intro to give you all the sounds of Carnivore. From the blistering speed into to the disgustingly slow outro with lyrics of intense violence, the song melds the styles of metal that Carnivore took influence from perfectly. Every song has a wonderful place on the record, with my favorites being Legion of Doom, Male Supremacy, and the 10 minute torching thrash metal masterpiece, World Wars III and IV. These songs are the best samples of the New York hardcore scene. Every other song follows that pattern, but are memorable and catchy, whether from the musical passages contained within, or the lyrical content, this album is unforgettable. Now onto the production, which is way better on the version I'm reviewing.

This album has a very heavy sound, Pete's driving bass, and Keith's heavy freaking tone merge for a huge driving sound throughout. I'm always pleased by three-pieces that are intensely heavy! Let us not forget about the drums, I absolutely love the snare. The usage of the synthesizers sound pretty cool as well sometimes. The solos sound good, the bass other than being driving and heavy, has a deep and metallic tone, almost evil sounding similar to the B standard bass tones of Swedish death metal bands in the 90's. Another good thing they did, and thank the lord, they removed the reverb effect that was on Pete's vocals. Now we can hear him saying the lines more clearly, and he just sounds even more menacing now. Overall, this remaster just sounds good.

To close out this review of Carnivore by the Carnivore itself, I give this album a 95. One of the best examples of the 80's thrash metal scene, one of those bands that are so original that they're unforgettable, almost like Coroner or Watchtower, but not for being technical, but for having a humorous and also ear-catching personality. Coroner, Carnivore and Watchtower are my favorites, the first and third being loved by me and others for their progressiveness, but the 2nd being a welcome outlier loved by me for their humor and balls. Thank you Peter Steele! Carnivore slays, check it out man!"

- NolanATL37,

Male Supremacy
Legion Of Doom
God Is Dead
Thermonuclear Warrior
World Wars III And IV