CARCASS - Swansong

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"...Instead, I’m gonna tell you why almost every Carcass fan’s least-favorite Carcass album is, in fact, THE BEST Carcass album. And I think we can all agree that my opinion is the only one that matters in any essay ghostwritten for me by my trusty pet macaque, Curtis. (Thanks, Curtis—I’m loving this one so far.) If you happen to disagree with any claims made herein, feel free to pepper the comments section with guesses about which drugs I might be on (answer: the good ones), and do not hesitate to insist that I must be some kind of waterhead. I’m A-okay with all of that. Waterhead.

But first, a caveat: Early Carcass grind purists can fuck right off. And I mean that in the most polite, fundamentally British sense. Because if Reek of Putrefaction is your favorite Carcass album, you will definitely find the rest of what I have to say here completely unbearable. Symphonies of Sickness champions maybe less so, but it’s unlikely that diehard SOS freaks will find much pleasure in the following string of nouns, verbs, dangling participles and general hyperbole. If Necroticism is your jam, you’re already on more common ground with me than you’d probably care to admit.  But it’s not my favorite Carcass album. Nor is the completely awesome and H.R. Giger-approved Heartwork, though it’s a very, very close second. No, ladies and gentlemen and waterheads of all stripes: My favorite Carcass album is Swansong..."

- J. Bennett, Decibel Magazine

Keep On Rotting In The Free World 3:42
Tomorrow Belongs To Nobody 4:17
Black Star 3:29
Cross My Heart 3:34
Childs Play 5:43
Room 101 4:35
Polarized 4:02
Generation Hexed 3:48
Firm Hand 5:22
R**k The Vote 3:53
Don't Believe A Word 3:57
Go To Hell 3:22