BUILT TO SPILL – Keep It Like A Secret

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"...The one thread that held every single review and article together was how different Perfect was from the band's previous release, 1993's There's Nothing Wrong With LoveLove was built on short, sharp, and snappy pop songs, but Perfect was-- as everybody went on to note-- "epic." Indeed, the 1996 release had few tunes under six minutes and wove dense guitars, emotional debris, and schizophrenic song structures into something gorgeous and fascinating. As avid readers of music publications will note as the reviews trickle in, Keep It Like a Secret will be heralded for retreating back to the pop songs of Love while keeping a foot inside Perfect's scrimmage line of dexterity and guitar heroism. (My friends, I think when the next album's press kit arrives, I'm going to win my own petty game with that last sentence.) It also recalls last year's fine Halo Benders release, The Rebels Not In, the album Martsch recorded with Beat Happening's Calvin Johnson and former Spinanes and current Built to Spill drummer Scott Plouf. And that's not a bad thing at all."             - Jason Josephes, Pitchfork

The Plan 3:29
Center Of The Universe 2:43
Carry The Zero 5:44
Sidewalk 3:51
Bad Light 3:22
Time Trap 5:22
Else 4:09
You Were Right 4:45
Temporarily Blind 4:48
Broken Chairs 8:40