BUDD, HAROLD – The Pavilion Of Dreams

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"...The atmosphere of The Pavilion of Dreams is incredible, laying the groundwork for the somber pieces of the other brilliant Brian Eno collaboration, The Pearl. The dreamy soundscapes are a perfect match for Brian Eno to produce, who plays a crucial role in how everything came together in the studio. It's clear that their future work together would not exist in the way that it does if not for working on this first. The Pavilion of Dreams is is an engrossing listening experience, being ahead of its time for unconventional usage of classical and jazz instruments in service of a nuanced, tranquil exploration of nuanced ambient textures."

- Benjamin Kuettel, sputnikmusic.com

Bismillahi ´Rrahmani ´Rrahim 18:14
Two Songs (6:23)
Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord
Butterfly Sunday
Madrigals Of The Rose Angel (13:47)
Rossetti Noise
The Crystal Garden And A Coda
Juno 7:35