BRUJERIA – Pocho Aztlan

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"Brujeria plays it safe with this album but Pocho Aztlan is more than a welcome addition to the catalog of an already strong band. Fans of death metal and grindcore should find plenty on here to love. It’s a solid album with solid production that is always over-the-top. Those that have enjoyed previous Brujeria albums, well, you’ve probably already gotten this. Those that haven’t given the band a chance, sit down with it and let its madness overtake you. It’s a familiar chaos but it’s still a declaration of war"

                                      - Metal Injection

Pocho Aztlan 4:10
No Aceptan Imitaciones 3:10
Profecia Del Anticristo 4:11
Angel De La Frontera 3:22
Plata O Plomo 4:03
Satongo 3:25
Isla De La Fantasia 2:17
Bruja- 4:09
Mexico Campeon 2:25
Culpan La Mujer 2:47
Codigos 5:35
Debilador 3:20
California Über Aztlan 3:10