BRIGHT EYES – Fevers And Mirrors

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"...But mostly, I was young enough, and I did take the album very seriously. I was 20 when Fevers And Mirrors came out — the same age as Oberst. When I found the album, I was living in an art-student flophouse and reeling from my first bad breakup. I needed that shit. Fevers And Mirrors exists for people who are right around that age — who know enough to be embarrassed about wallowing in their own piddly personal pain but who can’t stop themselves from doing it anyway. Lil Peep, the late emo-rap figurehead, was 20 when he whine-rapped over a “Something Vague” sample on the 2016 track “Worlds Away.” He knew.

Fevers And Mirrors is a faintly humiliating album about a faintly humiliating time in life. But if it found you at that time, then chances are good that it imprinted itself upon you. I feel 20 every time I hear it. Sometimes, I need to feel 20 in the worst way. It feels faintly appropriate that Fevers And Mirrors, an album that almost seems custom-built to appeal to 20-year-olds, is now itself 20. I wonder if the album feels like nobody understands it...."     - Tom Breihan, Stereogum

A Spindle, A Darkness, A Fever, And A Necklace 6:28
A Scale, A Mirror, And These Indifferent Clocks 2:44
The Calendar Hung Itself 3:55
Something Vague 3:33
The Movement Of A Hand 4:02
Arienette 3:45
When The Curious Girl Realizes She Is Under Glass 2:40
Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh 4:43
The Center Of The World 4:43
Sunrise, Sunset 4:32
An Attempt To Tip The Scales 8:29
A Song To Pass The Time 5:30