BOOTLICKER – Bootlicker

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"Playing hard and bouncy punk with a melting pot of influences, Vancouver’s BOOTLICKER is sharper than ever on this explosive full-length outing. Weaving classic hardcore and D-beat elements into their UK82-style songs, these guys come off as a bit more original that some of the more stringent ’80s-flavored bands that have been springing up as of late. This record from the CHAIN WHIP labelmates is loaded with catchy tunes (“Herd the Sheep” will get stuck in yer head) delivered with conviction through obliterated speakers. Taste the rubber, baby."

- Jason Harding, MRR


A1 Conscription
A2 Two Faced
A3 Herd Of Sheep
A4 Modern Science
A5 Master
A6 Divisive Pleasure
A7 Hunting
B1 State Of Fever
B2 The Cold
B3 Submission Pt. II
B4 Losing Game
B5 Conventional Life
B6 Another Body
B7 Jackboot