BOMBPOPS – Death In Venice Beach

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"...Despite the dark and introspective lyrics, musically the album is a very upbeat pop-punk record, which is my favorite kind of musical irony: dark lyrics with lighthearted music. The Bombpops’ style of pop-punk is not breaking any molds, but it certainly shows an increase in technical skill and talent for pop hooks. So what you end up with is a deeply vulnerable and bravely introspective record that blows Fear of Missing Out out of the water. I still think they’re going to be a much better band someday than they currently are, but they’ve taken a big enough step in the right direction. I’m more sure than ever that they’ll reach the levels of greatness they’ve always been destined for. With one frontwoman in rehab, maybe the next album becomes about the difficult road to recovery and, if that’s the case, I can’t wait for that album."    - Julie River,


Dearly Departed
Double Arrows Down
Zero Remorse
Notre Dame
Sad To Me
Can't Come Clean
Blood Pact
In The Doghouse
13 Stories Down
Radio Silence
House On Fire
Southbound Stranger