BOLT THROWER – The IVth Crusade

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"...Musically, it should be noted that, as I mentioned earlier, the song structures have been significantly decelerated and simplified. On the one hand, this leads to the fact that slower passages often prevail on the album, the songs are thus much catchier than on the previous albums, but the songs also do not differ so much from each other. There are hardly any particularly outstanding riffs, but the pieces are kept very compact. Karl's vocals are very clear and distinctive, especially I find the title track very successful and "Celestial Sanctuary" is also particularly gripping. "This Time it's War" is a very dragging song, which thus unfolds its full effect. But all in all there is no song on "The 4th Crusade" that doesn't manage to grab the listener in its own way. At least that's how I feel. "Spearhead" is a continuation of "Cenotaph", a cool idea of the band to continue the song from the "War Master" album. The outro "Through the Ages", in which Karl speaks the lyrics, is a song about the wars in which Great Britain or the British Empire was involved from 43 AD onwards, from the conquest by the Roman Empire to the Gulf War in 1991. Perhaps this would be an idea for a full-length death metal story if all the conflicts in human history were set to music like this. Or a commercial for the arms industry (which, sadly, would probably still go over well these days).

So what's the conclusion? Bolt Thrower, by dropping some of the old trademarks such as their grindcore elements and reducing song structures, have managed to write an album that, in my opinion, has made it into a timeless classic. Lyrically, it is also a very mature album compared to the previous albums. It always leaves me very thoughtful, especially when I look at today's conflicts in the world and their sometimes very trivial reasons. Who does not yet own the album or knows (for whatever reason) - listen and buy!"  

- spookymicha666,

A1 The IVth Crusade
A2 Icon
A3 Embers
A4 Where Next To Conquer
A5 As The World Burns
B1 This Time It's War
B2 Ritual
B3 Spearhead
B4 Celestial Sanctuary
B5 Dying Creed
B6 Through The Ages (Outro)