BLINK 182 – Take Off Your Pants And Jacket

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"Before you even pressed play, it was clear Blink-182 were picking up right where they left off. On the opener for 2001’s Take Off Your Pants And Jacket, which turns 20 tomorrow, the trio of bassist-vocalist Mark Hoppus, guitarist-vocalist Tom Delonge, and drummer Travis Barker made their ambitions clear. They’d found mainstream success a couple years prior with their breakthrough, Enema of the State, and, rather than branching off into a different direction, they doubled down on the juvenile pop-punk they had come to be famous for. They made this continuity apparent by naming the opener “Anthem Part Two,” marking it as a sequel to Enema Of The State’s closing track, “Anthem.”

Another way the album telegraphed its resemblance to its predecessor: an incredibly crude album title. The group brainstormed some other names for the record, lewd puns including If You See Kay (what does that spell?) and Genital Ben, an allusion to the 1965 children’s novel Gentle Ben. Eventually, they settled on Take Off Your Pants And Jacket, proving that they hadn’t grown up just yet. Blink-182 wouldn’t reach “maturity” or fully embrace earnestness until their 2003 self-titled record. In the interim, Take Off showcased an elevated version of Blink-182 that fans were well-acquainted with, replete with refined songwriting and incredibly infectious hooks."  - Grant Sharples, Stereogum

Anthem Part Two 3:48
Online Songs 2:25
First Date 2:51
Happy Holidays, You Bastard 0:42
Story Of A Lonely Guy 3:39
The Rock Show 2:51
Stay Together For The Kids 3:59
Roller Coaster 2:47
Reckless Abandon 3:06
Everytime I Look For You 3:05
Give Me One Good Reason 3:18
Shut Up 3:20
Please Take Me Home 3:05