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"More by accident than design, Sabotage ends Black Sabbath's peerless first six-album run by being a bit of everything that got them there. Where the ambition and expansion of Vol. 4 had about it a glamorous sheen, the golden tint of perfect LA sunshine, here that same artistry is served by the grubbier fists and middle fingers of the four blokes from Aston that made their first three records. Though the two albums that would follow are in themselves acquired tastes at best, it's only highlighted by the enormous heights the band consistently hit up to that point."

- Nick Ruskell, Kerrang!


Hole In The Sky 4:01
Don't Start (Too Late) 0:49
Symptom Of The Universe 6:29
Megalomania 9:46
Thrill Of It All 5:55
Supertzar 3:42
Am I Going Insane (Radio) 4:13
The Writ 8:17
Blow On A Jug 0:30