BIG LAUGH – Consume Me

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"Big Laugh sure know how to make hardcore fans and followers of Revelation Records feel comfortable with their frantic songs. Fans of the label will be thrilled because they follow the hardcore songwriting structure pretty close to the vest while still having their own identity.

The songs are fast, screamy, and aggressive. The breakdowns go back and forth between dancey and spin kick moshy. They keep things short, with only one song over three minutes.

Big Laugh fit right in with the new breed of hardcore bands that are currently turning heads. Elements of Scowl or Gel are heard throughout Consume Me. They also take influence from older bands like Gauze, Youth of Today, and Paint it Black, along with some sounds that would fit well on Profane Existence Records. This makes them a keeper for any generation of a hardcore fan.

The production, courtesy of Matt Russell at Altered States Studio, sounds a bit muddied and unclear, but that only helps give the band more of an authentic feel. There is a fuzz that surrounds everything, giving an unexpected layer of depth. The production of Consume Me makes it sound like it could have been released in the 80s, which helps give off a nostalgic feel.

Big Laugh play everything with passion and a sense of urgency. Even their slowed-down tempos sound fast. Only releasing 20 minutes of music, they make sure to cut any and all filler. The songs get straight to the point and leave a powerful impression in their wake. In an album full of great tracks, “Artificial Peace,” “Animosity,” and “Shadow Figure” are standouts.

Consume Me will appeal to fans of the hardcore genre, and all of its subgenres. This album comfortably stands out amongst their top peers. The energy put these songs convey makes for an incredible ride. The current generation of hardcore is in great hands because of bands like Big Laugh."

- Bobby Forand, New Noise Magazine


Artificial Peace 1:43
Abomination 1:50
Square One 1:48
Mask 1:29
Animosity 2:17
Shadow Figure 2:31
Consume Me 1:48
Last Laugh 0:38
Blowin' Smoke 1:15
The Fall 3:36