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"The titans from Poland, Behemoth, need no introduction. Grom is not a new album but a lavish re-issue of their second full-length that was originally released in 1996 that focused more on the experimental and the Paganism/Spiritualism that was prevalent in the movement...

Upon its initial release, Grom was considered controversial for reasons now forgotten or how musical tastes and experimentalism has changed.  The first album to feature the line-up of Nergal Baal ( bass)  and Les ( drums), much has been made of the chanting male vocals, touches of ambience, acoustic and female vocals as on the epic ‘’The Dark Forest (Cast Me Your Spell)’’. Grom is also a cracking black metal record containing the visceral energy the band is instantly recognized for...
For many, Grom is considered  Behemoths pinnacle of excellence with its experimentalism and overall aggressiveness, the riffs are blistering, and the drumming stretches the tempos to new dimensions.  The seeds of the current Behemoth era are here, the grand concepts and the uncompromising spirit,  but the death metal inspirations and polish are missing and the result is an album that is raw and true to its underground and heritage (With many vocals in native Polish)."           

- Sparky,

Intro 1:35
The Dark Forest (Cast Me Your Spell) 7:06
Spellcraft And Heathendom 4:50
Dragon's Lair (Cosmic Flames And Four Barbaric Seasons) 5:56
Lasy Pomorza 6:26
Rising Proudly Towards The Sky 6:53
Thou Shalt Forever Win 6:37
Grom 5:28