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"...The result was Aglio e Olio, an almost 11-minute blast of hardcore that pleased old fans, baffled some new ones and was given a small release on their own label, Grand Royal...On tracks like “Square Wave In Unison” and “I Want Some,” there’s the obvious influence of Bad Brains, a band they worshiped and opened for in their younger days. (MCA would later go on to produce Bad Brains’ 2007 album, Build A Nation.) AWOL’s drums hit hard and fast, though “Square Wave In Unison” shows off some odd time signatures, while Mike D’s vocals and Yauch’s bass flare up with distortion.

Bad Brains isn’t the only band that made an impression on the band, as the influence of Minor Threat, JFA, and Reagan Youth lurk throughout the EP. “Believe Me” and “You Catch A Bad One” doesn’t sound like one of the biggest bands in the world, but a bunch of kids in their basement banging out Jerry’s Kids’ covers. What makes this all even more surprising is that around this time they actually played shows with a bunch of kids in their basement."    


Brand New 1:24
Deal With It 1:59
Believe Me 1:19
Nervous Assistant 0:43
Square Wave In Unison 1:02
You Catch A Bad One 1:21
I Can't Think Straight 1:20
I Want Some 2:02